We specialize in helping children who are hurting from divorce, angry teens, frustrated parents, couples that want a stronger relationship, and individuals looking for purpose in life...We help you become the mountain conqueror that you were born to be!

To begin your process of healing and transformation, contact us at 407-318-4912, or email us at info@marpeservices.com.  We will answer your questions, provide a brief, free, phone consultation, and set up an appointment.

Marpe’ Youth & Family Services is a Maitland, Florida counseling practice.  We are located at:

2431 Aloma Ave, Suite 238
Winter Park, Fl. 32751

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Riddle Me This???

It is 2 in the morning and I just can’t get these thoughts out of my head.  As a matter of fact, these thoughts have plagued me for most of the week.  It is probably best for me to write

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John Maxwell once wrote, “Relationships help us define who we are and what we become.  More than almost anything else, relationships determine the kind of life you lead.  In fact most people can trace their failures or successes back to

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What are you doing?  Let me be more precise…what are you doing with your life?  Is it anything of significance?  Is it anything lasting?  Is it anything impactful?  What will you be remembered for when your chapter comes up in